Stop Destroying Mother Earth – Time For Change!

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Earth is the only planet which holds the magic to life. It is no secret and we are taught this as kids in school. But, apparently knowledge once acquired might be consolidated into long term memory. This memory would undergo reconsolidation when the memory will be altered a bit. Similar people are forgetting the fact that the people are destroying the only place where we can live. In modern discoveries in the space, space scientists have found a new planet around the Milky Way galaxy named GJ30 which has found to posses characteristics that will support the life on the planet. This means people have an alternative planet to live in. But, the extent of this discovery is not still discussed and still scientists are conducting research on the planet. It might end up like the sad promise in which mars was found to have potential characters to support life on the planet.

What ways are we abusing the earth?

In several ways, planet earth is enduring abuse from mankind. It is so sad to see that the people instead of worshipping earth like our ancestors are just having many experiments and is just polluting the earth. For example, while manufacturing cheap vinyl flooring Melbourne huge amount of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used, this is considered as an environmental pollutant. This is harmful for the people as well as causes huge problem in the environment.

It is cheaper than any other kind of floorings and under proper maintenance they will last for fifteen years to twenty years!!! Moreover, no everyone can afford the finesse and richness; vinyl flooring is an alternative method to restore the beauty and aesthetics. They give a beautiful look as well imitate the tone tiles. They are also soft and would be better investment that the actual granite or wood flooring.

Due to fat facts like this (economic and life style reasons), people do the things that is causing environmental harms. But, a huge fact to be appreciated is that ozone layer depletion is decreasing and the ozone had started healing. But, it is like praising the kids who is trying to tide his or her room which was made untidy just due to their own habit and characteristics. It is time; we switch to environmental friendly thing and stop using plastics!! It is highly important to start using the things that will make earth a better place. It is highly important to switch to renewable energy with the non renewable depleting and it will of course take more than thousands of years to regenerate.