Collecting Money To Refurbish Your Home

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A refurbishing project can be a lot of fun but sometimes it can also cost quite a bit of money. In the months before you start on your refurbish project for your home, you will need to start sourcing the money or your project by having a number of creative money making sales.

A Garage sale to collect money
You could host a garage sale to collect money where you can start getting rid of all your old things in your home to clear your home of the clutter. While it would not make sense for you to put your king size bed for sale at discount rate prices months ahead of your project, it would be more feasible for you to get rid of old cutlery, old clothing and unnecessary furniture during those months to collect money for your project. You could put your more essential items such as your king size bed for sale about a week prior to your project however you will need to rough it out during those few days until you have acquired newer things.
A bake sale to collect money
A bake sale is a great way to collect money for any project or cause. Everyone loves to eat and you are likely to have neighbors and friends flocking at your bake sale to buy a dozen cupcakes. You could have lemonade and other fruit drinks available too can be kept in wine fridges. For your bake sale, you could have a few friends and family come over to your house to whip up some cupcakes, cakes and chocolates that you can sell along with cookies and other savories.
Advertising your bake sale
In order for you to let people know about your bake sale, you will need to put up a post online on your own Facebook account, your twitter account and your instagram account letting people know about what the project is all about and what you intend on selling at the bake sale. You may even create an event online that you can invite people to the event and have your friends invite their own friends in order to create a bigger crowd. You could ask people for suggestions about what kind of food they would like to see at the bake sale and make an effort to give them what you want. In fact, you could even combine your bake sale with your garage sale so that you will attract a bigger crowd and you can avoid people walking off without buying anything at all in order to make more money.