Tips On How To Simplify Organizing An Engagement Party

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In all honesty, the period between that special “yes” and the most memorable “I do”, is going to be the most interesting, memorable and exhaustingly exciting time of any couple’s life. Not only are you taking your relationship to the next and legal level, but you are also preparing yourselves to be bound to each other for the next 60 years as well.

But what comes between the “yes” on bent knees and the veiled “I do”? The engagement party of course! The day in which you gather all your dear ones to share your happy news in and with; the first official celebration that counts. Yes, we know that most modern couples don’t dig the idea behind this. But if you’re someone who does, then here are our tips on how you can make organizing party easier withthank you cards wedding on you.

Who’s hosting the occasion?

Traditionally (in most parts of the world), it would be the bride’s parents who host the party. But that’s not the case anymore. More often than not, modern couples tend to host their own. After all, it’s your party; it will only feel right if you are the host, yes? If your friends insist on helping you out, then make sure to contribute to at least the bigger spenders. If not, do remember to have a reasonable budget; and stick to it.  

When to have it and where?

Ah…two of the hardest questions you’ll have to deal with when organizing. Ideally, you should throw your party a few short months after you were proposed to (or you proposed). This will give your guests enough time to relax a little for the wedding. The venue can be held at the place where most of your friends and relatives live. If it’s in two different places, you’ll either have to shorten your guest list (which will make it easier when trying to deal with the engagement party invitations), or have two different (or several small, as is the norm now-a-days) parties.

The guest list and the inviting

Like we mentioned before, having a small guest list will make life simpler for you. But it might leave several of your friends feeling disappointed. Try to avoid “over inviting” people though; you have another bigger event coming down the road as well. Posting your invitations might be the most “heartfelt”, but it’s costly and takes time as well. You can either opt for a simple telephone call, or even an online invitation. Just remember to save the site; you can even do you wedding stationery if you wish!

The food and the beverages

Apart from sharing your happiness, this is the reason why people take time out of their busy schedules to come to your party. So, don’t disappoint them. Though it might be tempting to cook for your guests, it’s not very practical. Unless you’re planning on throwing a small and intimate party, of course. Instead, opt to hiring a professional caterer. If you want an intimate setting, yet can’t host your party at your own home, consider opting to hire a family run restaurant. Trust us, most restaurants as such can blend intimate and professional fantastically.