Starting A Small Home Based Catering Business

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If you are a great cook and you are somewhat bored with your existing full time job, you should consider starting up a small home based catering business. You will be surprised to see just how many people would rather buy a delicious home cooked meals over a mass produced meal from a restaurant or a shop. In many cases the food in restaurants, supermarkets and other food shops are mass produced and stored in refrigerators for days. The food is then reheated and served up to customers and although they may not have gone bad enough to cause food poisoning, the food would have lost much of its flavor and freshness. 

Buying your ingredients

You will still need to keep your costs low and akin to the prices of food sold in restaurants and supermarkets. Although many people would rather have a home cooked meal, they may not be willing to spend a lot of extra money on it and will usually agree to it only if the prices are equal or similar.
This can often be quite difficult because these restaurants and supermarkets will usually buy all of their ingredients in bulk and therefore receive a much lower pricing for them. You on the other hand will buy your food and ingredients at retail prices and will have a much higher overall cost. If you are considering starting a business, you will need to find a way of buying many of your ingredients in bulk and keeping them in a quality kitchen cookware containers safely and away from bugs. As long as your ingredients are in an airtight container they should stay fresh for an extended period of time.

You could even consider keeping them in big jars that can be sealed up to ensure freshness of your ingredients. You can also purchase a jar lid opener to use when you need to open up these sealed jars at any point of time.

Many working people prefer to have home cooked meals but many working adults do not have the time to prepare their own meals every morning before work. As a result they are usually forced to eat bland, boring supermarket or restaurant food every single day. If you choose to open up your own home based catering business you can target these same individuals by sending out leaflets to offices in your area and offering them free delivery of the food. You will need to include the cost of delivery in to your menu price in order to offer it for free.