Gifts To Give Your Inker Friend

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As a good friend, you always want to give gifts that will be meaningful to them so what do you give if your friend is a tattoo artist? Here are some suggestions that you can use throughout the year.  

Inking Implements

As a professional, he or she no doubt spends thousands of dollars on equipment and supplies every year. While they may not need you helping them out, you can always buy them some novelty item like glow in the dark ink to make their day. Then again there are the costly items that always put a dent in pockets, no matter how deep. So buy tattoo needles, inks, pedals, after-care kits etc. and give it to them. Since they will use them every day, it will be a very useful gift for them.

Colleague Interactions

Every year there are local and international conventions dedicated to body art. Artists find these a valuable source of new inspiration and an opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals and build contacts. So what better way to make your friend happy than by buying them an all-access pass for an event? Every year there are events all over the country, so you should be able to find some party, convention or conference where they can talk about new techniques, new ideas and new ways to inking a body.

Needle-Inspired Gifts

Not all gifts have to be related to their profession. Once in a while, I’m sure they would appreciate something different. Try giving them stickers, like black lace face tattoo masks which paste on to the skin and are heat and water resistant. They only come off when baby oil or rubbing alcohol is applied. These stickers are so delicately made that they look like the genuine article, only temporary and far less painful. You could also buy them henna cones to have fun with. Mehendi designs are very similar to the intricate designs drawn by these inkers and it might be fun for them to try their hand at something much more casual and light hearted.

Design Tools

Professional artists today no longer sketch their designs on paper with pencil; they design on computers using very sophisticated software. If your friend is yet to embrace this lucrative and very efficient system, get them into a training course for designer software and have them start using it in their business. Most artists now print out the intended artwork on carbon paper and simply stick it onto the client’s skin, where the carbon adheres immediately, leaving an imprint.

So if you want to give a meaningful gift to your tattoo artist friend, you can give them something useful, something related to their job, something inspired by it, or something that enhances it. Your pick.