Encourage Your Child To Develop A Hobby

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Many parents are still hesitant or reluctant to let their children pursue a hobby. They feel that a hobby will come in the way of their academics and school routine. But that is far from the truth. Contrary to what parents believe hobbies or for that matter any extracurricular activity helps in the overall growth and development of the child and consequently reflects in their academic performance as well. In fact there is proof in the form of studies that reveal that activities and hobbies are good for the children and must be encouraged.

Parents need not go out of the way to encourage hobbies in their children. It could be something as simple as buying a set of jigsaw puzzles to get them started. One, the puzzle acts as a break from their gruesome schedule of studies. Second, it helps to develop the cognitive skills in the child and gets them thinking. For toddlers and small children the act of picking up jigsaw pieces and placing them in the right place helps develop motor skills as well. In fact jigsaw puzzles can keep even adults busy for hours, thus helping with focusing attention on a certain task. Such puzzles also help in the development of problem solving skills within the individual, making them don their thinking caps.

If you think puzzles are indoor activities and you would prefer to help the child pursue some activity out in the open, you could opt for any sport activity, or something quirky as kite flying or even flying qantas toy plane models. The goal is to keep the child busy and out in the open. Plus the toy plane gets them thinking as to how things work, how to maneuver it, developing thinking as well as motor skills along with concentration and mechanical know-how.

A hobby needs not be about any materialistic item. It can be singing or dancing or writing or just about anything that interests your child. Hobbies have several advantages which contribute towards overall development of children.

●    They are a perfect break from their monotonous routine circling around academics.

●    It encourages children to be more creative and express themselves.

●    It develops their imagination.

●    Hobbies develop cognitive skills and encourage children to think and analyze as well as rationalize.

●    It helps them focus their attention and learn to concentrate.

●    It reduces anxiety in children and lets them gain control over their emotions.

●    Certain hobbies also help children to socialize and learn values like caring and sharing.

●    Hobbies can encourage and motivate children in all aspects.

●    Hobbies are great for mental health and emotional well-being of children.

Thus, by encouraging your child to take up a hobby, you are actually gifting them a whole new experience. This can probably form the basis for their future professional life or give them the stability of a well rounded individual.